The Friday Five – Christmas Edition

    1. Yesterday I participated in a grand discussion on Twitter on the concept of low-carb Eggnog. I love the stuff but haven’t been able to drink it in more than tiny amounts since my diagnosis 12 Christmases ago. (this is my 13th Christmas with diabetes and I still haven’t figured out how to resist holiday treats). Post-discussion I decided to taste both Silk eggnog, aka SilkNog (half the carbs of normal eggnog!) and make this recipe(if I can find a blender) and review them here next week. 🙂
    2. My favorite replacement Christmas drink is by far low calorie Apple Cider with cinnamon sprinkled in. Here is a picture of the Kroger brand off-brand box:
    3. As mentioned yesterday, I am doing holiday e-cards this year, so if you want one, leave a comment or send me an email, facebook, twitter, text, smoke signal, whatever you please.
    4. Bennet posted information from Medtronic regarding traveling with insulin pumps and the use of full-body scanners. Basically, Medtronic says take everything off, including those expensive little CGMS sensors, because the x-rays could harm them. Bennet also mentioned that he got ahold of Dexcom and they have no similar press release. I decided to go ahead and look and see if Animas did. Sure enough, here is their standard blurb on not wearing pumps when x-rays are being used, bring enough supplies, and having back-up supplies just in case (it was about travel, not just full body scanners). Frankly, I’ll be flying out of a very tiny airport and I do not think they will have scanners there. I am only worried about running into trouble when I fly back from Kansas City. I don’t have a doctor’s note, and have not had more than small problems traveling in the past, but the hype about it makes me frustrated so we’ll see how that goes next week.
    5. I want to make quick mention of something very important to me. As the holiday season approaches, we always think of giving to people in need and that is very important. But I would like for you to consider giving a small gift to one of your favorite Diabetes organizations this season. Ten to twenty dollars can go a long way. Donate in your name, the name of someone else you know with diabetes, or my name, I don’t really care, just donate! Some of my favorite organizations are The Diabetes Hands Foundation, Diabetes Research International, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and the American Diabetes Association.


    As we approach the week of Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not, remember, be safe and smart this holiday season and don’t forget to bolus!

    2 thoughts on “The Friday Five – Christmas Edition

    1. Scott S

      The old fashioned way was to make eggnog yourself, and the dLife recipe appears to be something close to that. You may wish to be more generous with the Splenda or whatever sugar substitute you use, that seems a tad skimpy to me!


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