Sarahndipidous Awards 2010 and a Happy New Year!

I am back! It only took me seven more days than I expected originally, but I made it safe and sound back to the frozen tundra of the West- and I do mean FROZEN – it was -20 degrees F when I woke up yesterday morning!

More on my travel adventures later. Because I was sans computer last week, I did not get to do any end-of-year blogging like everyone else did. So I am going to do it now! Oh, come on, you know you aren’t sick of it yet!


(just a note: most of these awards go to myself. Either because I’m conceited or because I don’t want to leave anyone out so I leave no one in. But also because I am really too lazy to look though anyone else’s blog except my own.)

Catchiest New Blog Title: Do you really have to ask?

The Best Diabetes Buddy: Carb Counting Monkey.

The Legislation that Changed my Life: The Health Care Bill. It gave me two more years of insurance when I had only 11 months left.

Best Advice of the Year: Just Keep Swimming.

Biggest UberFail of the Year: Medco. They fail a lot.

Biggest Surprise of the Year: A tie between getting a random bottle of Diet Grape Soda from my cousin in Florida and getting invited to Roche.

Most Random and Hilarious (yet painful for one) D-Meet Up of the Year: Being in the emergency room with LeAnn and Cherise just hours after LeAnn and I first met. We vlogged.

Coolest Cousin with T1 Diabetes: My cousin Savannah, who had her second successful diabetes pregnancy this year. (Yes, that means she had a baby).

Most Dangerous Handbag: Mine. And probably most of those carried by PWD women (or men, I don’t judge).

Most Unholy Digital Symbol: The Up Arrow gets a close second, following the Double Up Arrow, of course.

Best Meal I Had All Year: Remember when my dad cooked up this delicious Blueberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad? Mmm… my mouth is watering just thinking about it (although I think it’s best saved for warmer weather, unless I pair it with some soup).

Most Insane Decision: Abandoning projects I had planned at home to head West to Utah and take on a fantastic-turned-frozen internship at Dinosaur National Monument. How crazy is that? I’m in Northeastern Utah. In January. And it’s 0 degrees as I type this. Fahrenheit.

Most Creative Awareness Idea: Surely no one can forget the first annual D-Art Day, which took place September 1 this year. I am pretty proud of how my project turned out!

Best Siblings of PWD: Of course my brothers would win this one.

Most Creative Way to Package Blood Sugar Spike Inducing Coworker Gifts: Infusion set boxes

Most Persistent Traveler Award: I would give it to myself, although those people who were stuck in New York certainly deserve it as well. Stay tuned for the story!

Now You Tell Me: What awards would you give yourself for 2010?



4 thoughts on “Sarahndipidous Awards 2010 and a Happy New Year!

    1. sajabla Post author

      It was totally crazy, yet awesome in spite of its reason. At least it was her wrist and not a severe low or anything, right? Happy New Year, Michael!


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