(I keep promising a post detailing my travel but I am just not in the state of mind to write it at this point).

On the bright side, I did come up with a list of 11 goals I want to accomplish in 2011.

(“On the bright side” is an ironic metaphor at this point for me. It makes me think of how right now, the Uintah basin, where I live, is under an “inversion” when the warm air gets trapped above the cold air, making the temperatures frigid. For example, last night when I went to sleep it was -14, even though when they predicted last night’s low they said it would “only” get down to 1. Anyway, the point of this now-rambling side note is that  when the sun shines during an inversion, it actually gets colder! The only thing that will break the inversion is a winter storm, which we’re not expected to get until early next week).

Here are my list of 2011 goals:

  1. Be healthy, look good, feel good.
  2. Read, one book a week is the goal.
  3. Live in 4 states (so far I am sure I will live in three!)
  4. Go backcountry camping. Ben was utterly amazed I hadn’t done anything but car camp. “What kind of Park Service employee are you?” The intern kind.
  5. Climb a rock wall, preferably outside, and make it to the top. This is something Ben is inerested in and something I did a lot of in high school (in the form of an inside wall with pegs) and I think it would be a fun and interesting way to get into shape.
  6. Run a 5k. I’ll admit this one is kind of a stretch, but I wanted a small goal of running and I thought 1 mile was too short but 5 miles was too long, so I figured that 5k would be a good compromise.
  7. Ride in the Tour de Cure – the date for the Springfield Tour de Cure may work out perfectly with when I will be heading back west after my South Carolina gig. I’m planning on bringing my bike to South Carolina as there will be a place to ride as well as nice weather to ride in!
  8. A1C under 7 – and to be quite honest, I have no idea what my A1C is right now, but I am guessing it is well over 7. This one will take lots of work and persistence.
  9. Attend at least 1 Diabetes Conference – I’m hoping for Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women in April!
  10. Start paying off student loans – I have far too much debt hanging over my head. Deferment needs to stop!
  11. Forget about the past and live life with no regrets. If you know me personally, you probably understand what I mean here, at least a little. I’m done with school (for now, the dream of CDE still remains in the back of my mind) and ready to get on with my life. Bring it on, 2011!

3 thoughts on “Resolving

  1. Tina Shaye

    Sarah what awesome goals to set. They really hit me. What I mean is you made me start thinking about my own goals and close some of them are to yours (I will not be climbing a rock wall at this weight lol). I wish for a year filled with all the opportunities you need to accomplish your goals 🙂


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