I’m going to admit that this has been happening for a few weeks now. It happened when I first got to Utah, then it calmed down and I was in range, for the most part, for a couple of months. Now, since the temperatures plummeted and the holidays consumed me (or rather, I consumed lots of sugary carbs), I’ve been seeing numbers like this often. I already increased my basals a little bit but because I am living alone now I am afraid to adjust any more.

I was supposed to have an endo appointment in November, but when I found out I was moving out here I canceled it and rescheduled one for March. After March, I probably won’t be able to see her until October. It’s not really a good thing when you’re gallivanting around the country trying to gain enough experience for a permanent job, because consistently seeing on endo is difficult to do. I don’t know that my canceled appointment would have had any effect on my blood sugar control, but I know that I feel guilty for missing it, especially because it’s my guess that if I got an A1C test right now my level would be over 8% after I worked so hard to get into the 7’s.

I feel like a fail. I also feel sick all the time.

Hai Endo, Halp!


1 thought on “HALP!

  1. FatCatAnna

    I hear you on the carb eating – patting my bulging tummy here (but oh so perfect for infusion sets!).
    Wow! It sounds tough with trying to juggle things with what you are trying to do – gaining experience for permanent job.
    Just know, we’ve all been there, having to juggle our careers / diabetes / life in general. It’s tough.
    When are you experiencing the highs if you don’t mind me asking? If it’s consistent, do you know how to go ahead and do a basal test on your own with help from CDE or endo? I know because I’m self trained in most of my diabetes regiment – that I just generally go ahead and do it. If you do the basal test tho’ – don’t do huge increments – if going low is your worry (it would be for me – especially during night time basal testing).
    Anyway, just throwing out some ideas and wanting you to not feel alone in dealing with this.
    FatCatAnna \\^^//


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