The Long-Awaited Travel Anecdote – Part One

I’ve been home for a week and a half and have yet to describe my experience flying this Christmas to my blog readers.

I guess I’ve been telling it to so many people that I got kind of sick of telling it. If you follow me on facebook or twitter you probably know the gist of what happened. I have been told numerous times that it sounds like a bad holiday movie.

So here goes.

On Tuesday, December 22, I was very nervous. It had been snowing all day, and the three days before that, and it was supposed to continue snowing until Wednesday evening. All day at work I got little work done because I was continuously checking the weather and the status of my flight. I was supposed to fly out of our very small local airport. They don’t have the technology to fly out in snow and fog the way bigger airports do.

When I got home from work they still had not canceled my flight. I packed and was planning on staying up all night because I prefer to sleep on planes, and I can’t unless I’m really tired. So, I continued checking the flight status, and around 2am it came though as canceled. I immediately called the airline and they put me on the same flight for Christmas Eve.

I didn’t have to wait as long the next day because the flight was canceled around 8pm because of a dense fog warning. Again, as soon as the cancellation flashed across my laptop screen I called the airline. They said they could put me on the flight for Christmas day but I said No. I asked what they had available out of Salt Lake City.

I wound up flying out of SLC not into Kansas City but into St. Louis. This was fine because St. Louis and Kansas City are about the same distance from my hometown. I also couldn’t get a return flight until Thursday the 30th instead of Sunday the 26th as originally planned.  However, my flight out of SLC was at 10:20 am on Christmas Eve which meant I had to be there around 8:30. 

It takes about 3.5 hours to drive to Salt Lake City from where I live, on mostly 2-lane roads. All this in the middle of a dense fog warning. 

Fall Fog inside the monument. What I drove though was much thicker, and it was dark outside!

So I left my house about 4:30 in the morning, resounding to pay for parking because it was too last-minute to ask anyone to waste their whole day AND give up their right to sleep later than 3:30 am in order to drive me to the airport.  I was hungry, so I decided to treat myself to an egg McMuffin and pulled into our (surprisingly 24 hour) McDonlads and ordered.

I didn’t have my wallet.

I didn’t. Have. My. Wallet.

After checking that I had everything 4 or 5 times, I didn’t have my wallet! What the heck? So I drove as fast as I safely could back to my house, 30 miles from McDonalds. By the time I left for the second time, it was 20 after five.

Then I hit the fog.

I probably drove a good 40 miles going no faster than 35 miles an hour (in a 65 zone) until I found some semi truck tail lights to follow. Then we got up to a good 50 miles an hour. Luckily I didn’t see any wildlife along the road. I expected the fog to be worse in Salt Lake City (it usually is, they have this giant lake there), but it was actually clear when I got there. I made it to the airport at 8:50.

But then I had to go through security.

Travel anecdotes continue tomorrow!

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