From One Nirvana on to the Next

Moving into my first dorm.

Change is one of those things that for me, and a lot of people who are 18-24, is pretty constant. You move to college for three months, then home for a month, then back to college for three months. I myself changed colleges three times before I finally graduated.

For my current job, I had to fill out a background check that had my residences and places of work for the last seven years. Seven years ago I was (almost) 17. Not only that, but I had to list each period over three weeks that I lived with my parents as a separate occurance, and each school year in the dorms as a seperate occurance.

I had 12 seperate residences and 15 separate jobs.

That means I’ve moved 12 times in the six years since I graduated from high school.

And now, I’m getting ready to change again. I still haven’t decided to what. I know for a fact I’ll be spending the next six weeks at my parent’s house in southern Missouri, but after that I’m still unsure. I know what I want to do but I just don’t know if it’s feesable at this moment. Plus, I don’t know if I want to give up the oppourtunites I’ve been offered for the next nine months. I think I might regret it.

This morning's fasting #bgnow


For now, there’s the packing, and the cleaning, and the not getting enough sleep, and the craziness at work, and the stress-enduced high blood sugars, like this morning. (Yet oddly enough, yesterday I woke up at 92. I don’t get it). There are parties and superbowl watching and birthdays to look forward to when I get back to Missouri. Then there’s the whole week in North Carolina thing, which I can say with certainty will be the highlight of my February.

Roommates in Salt Lake City

As I stated on Monday, I’m going to miss things here. I’m going to miss the mountains and the funny looking frost and the warm afternoons that seem to have arrived in the last few weeks. (And by warm I mean above 25F). I’m going to miss a few people, like the kids next door and the bookstore guys. I’m going to miss visiting Salt Lake City. (If it weren’t for the fog, I’d want to live there. Gorgeous).

But life goes on, things change, and you can’t stay in one nirvana forever. And Utah really was nirvana for a while. I made a new best friend, I met a new boyfriend, I discovered parts of who I am, and that’s really why I came out here in the first place.

Next week will be light on posting. I’ll be journying back to the good ole Midwest. If you’d like to voulnteer for a short-notice guest blog, let me know.

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