I’m Burnt Out.

Those three words are what I am going to say when I go to the doctors on Thursday and get what I assume is going to be a less-than-exciting A1C result.

I’m burnt out on testing.

I’m burnt out on carb counting.

I’m burnt out on eating low carb.

I’m burnt out on exercising and I don’t even do it that much.

I’m burnt out on wearing a CGMS.

I’m very burnt out on the cost of diabetes. It isn’t fair.

I’m burnt out on wearing an insulin pump…

…but I can already tell you that if I switched back to MDI, I’d be burnt out on that too.

I’m burnt out on not having any money.

I’m burnt out on not having a “real” job.

I’m burnt out on living at home even though I’ve only been here (less than) two weeks. Sorry mom, I’m 24.

I’m burnt out on being 24 and I’ve only been 24 for 2 weeks!

I’m burnt out on trying to be a good friend to less-than-reciprocal friends.

I’m burnt out on site changes.

I’m burnt out on running out of insulin in less than 24 hours…

..but not on eating enough to make this happen.

I’m burnt out on this economy, this country, this world.

Just burnt out. That’s all. NBD (No Big Deal).


3 thoughts on “I’m Burnt Out.

  1. Scott S

    Burnout is par for the course when it comes to chronic disease management. Any one of us who lives with a chronic disease has been there before. And while the whole metaphor about life with diabetes is a marathon, and not a sprint may be accurate, the reality is that marathons aren’t how life was supposed to be lived in my humble opinion. We do the best we can and try to keep it up. Here’s my hope for you: burnout usually a temporary situation. If it becomes long-term (I’m talking like a year or more), then you obviously cannot win the marathon without intervention. Otherwise, you cannot worry about diabetes management at the moment, and that’s OK. Just try to get back to it once the burnout phase is over. It happens to all of us!

    1. FatCatAnna \\^,,^//

      Like Scott is saying – it happens to all of us. I’m in a slightly Burnt Out phase at the moment – just with life in general – facing the big 5 0 – which in the deepest depths of my mind I didn’t think would bother me as much as being told by endo at 17 – “you won’t live past 40 with your diabetes!”.
      I find having a few friends to talk to helps when I’m down like this, but sometimes that’s not always possible- so if things start to get too much Sarah – get professional help.
      Just hang in there – and like I’m doing right now as I type away to you – I can hear a cardinal outside singing – that’s lifting my spirits up – and even better – it’s sunny today and despite cool temperatures – I may put out a deck chair on the deck – too heck with the sun being evil as I sit out there all bundled up!!! Pretend you’re sitting with me as we laugh our worries away!!!

  2. Tina

    I so understand your state of mind right now! Except for the part about being 24 lol. I just told my boyfriend that I should copy and paste remove the 24 part and send your post to my endo. I wish I had advice on how to crawl out of the burnout but I can’t seem to get there myself. I have a copy of “Diabetes Burnout” that I have to give back to a friend because I can’t seem to get myself to open it. All I can offer is that people like you and my connection to the DOC keep me from slipping right off the edge. So vent, bitch, scream and yell and maybe eventually it will help. Oh and write to me of you need an understanding shoulder.


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