Friday Five: I Love My Endo and other tales of yesterday.

Tidbits from my endo appointment yesterday:

  • First of all, she in no way scolded me (I actually didn’t think she would, she just kind of ignores the situation if you aren’t taking care of yourself – i mean honestly, if there are no numbers in your meter, what’s she supposed to do?). We talked about the weather and about my travels, and I explained to her that I’d be leaving again soon and any major changes I wanted to make now while I was at home.
  • Kicked up basals from midnight-3am. This is somehow supposed to help dawn phenomenon. I have no idea. She also suggested my post-wake up 3 unit bolus might just be something I have to do and not something I can work into my basal.
  • A1C came in at 7.6, only 1/2 a percent higher than before (with significantly fewer hypos). She was actually OK with that (and it was lower than I thought). I guess I’m OK with it, especially because I was expecting closer to 8.
  • She wants me to start symlin again. She thinks this will help with not only always feeling hungry but overall averages since the high half seems to come from post postprandial spikes. Seems as though this would be the time to do it, considering I’ll be at home for a few more weeks and can figure out the ups and downs while I’m off work and around people who know me.
  • Yesterday I read my email regarding the Animas Cartridge Recall. Discovering I only possessed ONE cartridge that was not affected by the recall, I spent 45 minutes on hold with Animas before giving up. I mentioned this to my doctor (I was thinking she’d give me a script for lantus), but she actually managed to turn up two cartridges that should get me through the weekend and hopefully I’ll receive my replacement cartridges early next week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I for one feel more positive about myself than I did last week.

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