Motivation Monday: Food

Lots of bloggers try to jazz up their posts by making weekly themes with catchy titles. I admit I’ve done this a time or two. But what I am going to do is a series of posts regarding the new “goals” page I put up over the weekend.

Since my endo appointment last week I’ve been feeling rather positive regarding my life. While I still haven’t decided exactly what I want to do the next few weeks, I am already feeling happier and like, “I CAN DO THIS” regarding health and life, which is a huge change from just a few days ago.

So, for a few weeks at least, I’m going to be going over the goals on that list and explaining why they’re important to me.

First of all, I want to explain that almost all of these goals are all ongoing. Meaning that I can work at these things for the rest of my life, pretty much. So it’s not going to be a “check off” list. My Monday posts will simply serve as a reminder for myself of my goals and perhaps focus on a goal I want to work on that week.

There are five categories: Food, Health, Mental, Professional, and Personal. First, I will tackle my top priority in each of these categories, although it may be hard to choose.

Today’s category is Food.

  • 30 g or less carbs/meal
  • Lower sodium intake
  • Cut out caffeine
  • 10 fruits and veges / day
  • 64 oz water/day

Right now the two goals I am most focused on in this category are water and fruit and vege intake. I have my trusty SCA water bottle out and ready each morning and I try to drink at least 12 oz before I hit the caffeinated beverages. It really does help you feel full, they don’t lie.

I always thought fruits and veges would make me feel hungry (and in the past they have) but when you break your meals down to 4-6 small meals a day and eat veges at each of them, it’s not as hard as it seems. This week I bought my own fresh veges, and we’ll have to see if my dad will be apt to buy me more until I am back to having my own income.

Why are these goals important? Last week, David Edelman of Diabetes Daily published this article describing how more water in your body can actually lower your blood sugar. Not to mention overall health benefits of staying hydrated: feeling fuller, more energy, more chance for your body to rid itself of toxins, and better kidney function.

Fruits and veges are a similar story. They pack lots of fiber, important in everyone’s diet, not to mention other important nutrients that you just can’t get anywhere else. Plus, veges are blood sugar friendly, and so are fruits that are high in fiber like apples. And it’s that high fiber content that fills you up. I personally enjoy having non-blood sugar raising snacks around the house. It just makes those munching feelings less guilty feeling when I have some carrots or cauliflower handy.

Veges I’ve been eating this weekend:

Butternut Squash

Ways to get veges and fruits in your diet:

If you can handle a little bit of juice without sending you into the sky blood sugar wise, try these things:

Mix 1/4 cup of (100 percent) fruit juice with water or sparkling water.

I really enjoy the V8 V-Fusion with green tea added. It’s lower in sugar than the straight-up V-Fusion, and still has a serving of fruits and veges in every serving.

10 fruits and veges a day is a lot! On Friday I only made it to five.


What are some of the diabetes or health related goals you are working on right now?

1 thought on “Motivation Monday: Food

  1. Angela Smith

    Good luck! I usually eat lots of fruits and veggies, but then I’ll go a few weeks without doing it (like I have this past month). The hardest thing for me is consuming less caffeine. I like my morning coffee! My goal right now is connect with other diabetes, b/c I hope talking about it with others will help, and get back to eating my fruits and veggies, since winter is always a hard time for me to eat more healthy!


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