Everybody struggles with the way they feel about themselves from time to time. I think it’s time for some good old fashioned self empowerment. Let’s do this.



Ok, I’m glad I got that out. How are you today, blog world? I’m warning you, I’m on a spazzy, unprofessional kick because I’m kind of excited about my new found self esteem. And all it took were those three words. I’m going to try this again. Now, if you are my mother, grandmother, or someone else’s grandmother, you should probably avert your eyes:


Woah! That feels so good! I am really glad I got those things out, because quite frankly, they are true of me, and they are true of you too. Especially if you have diabetes or you support someone who has diabetes. Hell, if you have any type of chronic illness or condition or support anyone who does, you rock, and you should let the world know it.

Some things I like about myself:

I know how to handle road flares.

I am pretty OK at hiking up mountains


I am obviously not afraid of bears.


I am also not so bad at skiing for a beginner.

I am also kind of ok at dancing from time to time.




AND SO NOW, Dear Reader, please tell me what you like about yourself! And don’t forget to tell yourself that you are AWESOME!


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