Mew mew mew. It has come to my attention that many of us of the feline persuasion who own humans that like to do this “blogging” thing take the occasional opportunity to do a little writing of our own. So, as an “APRIL FOOLS” on my human, We Interrupt  This Regular Scheduled Blog Post To Bring You A CAT POSTING.

To be quite honest, it’s mere coincidence that this is happening on April Fool’s Day, because I have been trying to do this for weeks. Let’s be honest, my days of attacking rogue ponytail ties and begging for food have gotten a little boring. In search of better things to do, I have been teaching myself to use human tech-gadgets. I started with just the ipod, and then progressed to the smart-phone. Eventually I jumped on the computer, because, let’s be real, I’ve been learning how to type ever since my human brought home her first laptop. Walking across the keyboard is a favorite boredom-buster of mine.

So began my quest to add my two cents to the blogging world. I mean, I have a lot to say, and I’m awesome, so someone should pay attention to me, right? But somehow The Human catches me walking toward her keyboard every time and either swats me or outright picks me up and moves me to the other side of her bed! How Dare She! Well, I’ve outsmarted her this time because on one of her rare forays outside of the house, she left her computer on and I gained access to her blog account.

After reading yesterday’s post on my owner’s mother’s new Nook (I just love that thing, but it is hard to sneak it away from her!), I couldn’t help but feel as though my owner was being a little bit conceited. Cat’s don’t struggle with this strange disease you humans call “depression,” because we all think very highly of ourselves. So I decided to make a vanity card of my own, and I came up with this:

Ok, I admit that I quickly threw this together in paint.  I mean, so sue me, I don’t have the sweet photoshop skillz that my owner possesses due to extensive adobe use while she was in Utah (or so she tells me, the brat left me here while she was adventuring in the mountains). Besides, her psudo-photoshop program went down with her compy, and her interm lappy does not posses the will power to run such a program. But I digress.

The Point Is, now that I have hacked into her blog you are going to see a lot more of me around here lately. She clearly has invited me to be a part of the gang here, because she not only made her background the color of my fur but she put my picture right up there in her banner! And while I may not have been the wittiest of cats today, like my idol and possibly relative Siah, I promise for funnier, cattier posting in the near future. But if you’ll excuse me, I’ve wasted far to much time today.
Off to lick myself, pillage for spiders, hiss at those disgusting dogs, and stick  my butt in my human”s face because she just walked in the door.


Boy is he wordy. He has gotten wordier in his middle age. I give all the credit for this to Kerri, of course.

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