The Truth About My Relationship With Diet Coke

Remember that one time when I broke up with diet coke? Almost exactly a year ago? Well, I have a confession to make.

Diet Coke and I have been secretly sleeping together.

It’s gone off and on, but I have to say, there have been some hot and steamy days between me and the good ole DC. In fact, while I was working in the cold and dreary days of negative degree days in Utah, I would drink four or five cans of the stuff a day. When I moved home, I made a habit of buying at least a 20 oz bottle a day and consuming it,  until my bank account went dry.

But then, I got a job.

For the first week of my job, I hardly ever drank diet coke. I might have had two 20 oz bottles. And I drank a ton of water. I drank at least two 750 mL bottles of water at work, then one at home. My insulin dosage (bolus-wise) cut practically in half. Why?  Not only was I working all day, but I wasn’t munching when I was bored or thirsty. Not to mention I wasn’t eating out at all, except on Sundays with my family (thanks, Mom and Dad).

Guess what? I lost six pounds. Six pounds in a week! Just by working on my feet all day, drinking water, and cutting down on calories.

Then, I got paid. And I bought some diet coke. And I drank it. And I binged. On junk from the gas station. Which is how I gained all this weight three years ago anyway.

Today I didn’t hardly drink any water. Today, I drank one 20 oz bottle of diet coke, then I drank diet coke with Qdoba for lunch, then I drank another glass of diet coke with dinner, then my brother gave me 32 ounces of free diet coke when I dropped something off for him at the restaurant where he works.

And tonight, I ate a whole bunch. Of junk.

Right now, I feel awful. 11:44 at night and I’ve had a bunch of junk food and a bunch of diet coke.

I have come to the conclusion that Diet Coke and I have one messed up relationship. Why can’t I just drink the diet coke? I think it makes me hungry. I think it makes me dehydrated. If I’m wrong, it doesn’t really matter. The fact is, when I drink diet coke, I drink less water, and when I drink less water I eat more.

So I think I need to treat diet coke like new healthy Cookie Monster treats cookies.

Diet Coke is a sometimes food.

And so, DC, it’s time for our relationship to go back to being a casual acquaintance. Forever, I think. Addictions are addictions and they are usually unhealthy, and while some people can hang with diet coke quite often without experiencing consequences to their actions, it’s just not an option for me anymore as I embark on my journey to lifestyle change and healthy living.

Au revior, DC. You will be missed.

As a side note, I have started working for a local baby boutique and I am really enjoying it. It’s not what I thought I’d be doing with a degree, but I have big plans for my future so I’m pretty happy with where I am now. Anyway, it’s kept me pretty busy, and left me pretty tired at night, which is why I’ve slacked on blogging.

4 thoughts on “The Truth About My Relationship With Diet Coke

  1. Sara

    I was going to say you are “friends with benefits” but I guess the benefits aren’t that great either.

    I drink A LOT of Diet Pepsi, but I try to make myself drink one water bottle for every can of soda, hoping it evens out 🙂

  2. Karen

    I used to be really addicted to Diet Coke – but I’ve slowly tried to ween myself off. The first thing I did was switch to caffeine-free Diet Coke so I wouldn’t get so dehydrated when I drank it (caffeine is dehydrating, right? I thought I heard that somewhere.) And then, I started drinking water during the day – and if I drank a decent amount then I would have one glass of Diet Coke with dinner as a reward. It seems to be working for me. But then again, if you think going cold turkey works better for you, then that would probably be better. Either way, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  3. Brent

    Stay away from the stuff..period. I was drinking if for a number of years as well. I found as things got more intense and stress levels went up, I’d drink more, up to 6 or 7 cans a day! in the end. I never had any weight gain issues, but I did have other health issues that were puzzling me.
    I did some research on the subject of Aspartame and it’s effects, and things became a lot clearer.


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