You can’t beat waking up at 5:30 when it’s Diabetes’ fault.

Last night, I tweeted about how my blog has been sadly neglected since I started my new job working at the baby store in my hometown. I’m working full time and still adjusting to being on my feet all day, so when I get home typically my brain and body are not in the mood to come up with a blog post. Hopefully in time this will work itself out and I’ll once again feel like blogging regularly, but for now you get this rambling 5:30 am post because I am rather frustrated with the big D at the moment.

It started like any other chilly night. Missouri is experiencing unseasonably cool temperatures due to a recent bout of storms, rain, and oh-so-unwelcome flooding. (Begin side note: That link is for a city about 3.5 hours away from me, but it’s also where my cousin grew up and where my grandparents lived for many years, meaning my family has connections there, plus it’s kind of awful so please send thoughts and prayers their way. End side note).

Because it was chilly, I used a wintertime tactic perfected during my frigid winter in Utah, the pile on the blankets and wrap yourself up like a papoose  technique.  Somehow, this resorted in me tossing and turning all night long. This isn’t necessarily a new thing for me, and while I can’t seem to locate the post right now, I can tell you that the one time I’ve had ketones and not been sick was one night when I rolled over and my pump site came loose, causing me to wake up well over 400 and to a nice purple urine ketone strip.

But once again, I digress. It is 5:30 am, you know.

So this morning, around 5:30 am, as I am doing my typical tossing and turning, I feel a pain around my pump site. This is nothing new, sometimes it pulls but as long as I unwrap the tubing from around my body I can relive the pressure and prevent the site from pulling loose. Not this morning. This morning I pulled that sucker right out.

A Renactment!

I kind of stuck it back on and proceeded to try to sleep. I had visions of the cannula magically finding its way back to it’s hole in my stomach. I drifted in and out of sleep the whole time dreaming of the box of infusion sets all the way in the living room (I had just used my last one from my previous shipment), and of my meter reading “HI” and being too sick to go to work (I’ve NEVER missed work due to diabetes).

At this point, I ripped the site off and went to get the stupid box filled with infusion sets.

When I got back to my room, I didn’t have any scissors to open it. I had to improvise. While digging in my purse to find my keys, still half asleep Sarah found the fork she ate lunch with yesterday. So, I opened the box with a dirty (but wiped off) fork. After gathering the necessary supplies for 5am EMERGENCY SITE CHANGE, I grabbed my pump and inspected the old infusion set.

It looked like this:


Needless to say, the cannula was flat against my stomach and the sticky part had a drop of blood on it.

Good thing I freakin’ got up.

So a standard site change took place, followed by a blood sugar test. I was somehow, after a late night, PMS induced (sorry male readers) bowl of lucky charms and a site malfunction, I was only 141. Not bad. Not even  high enough to warrant a correction for me at this point. (My insulin needs have been changing drastically, but that’s another post for another time. Perhaps tomorrow?)

And thus ends the tale of why I am writing at 5:30 (now 6) am. Normal time for some people to get up, but not for this girl who’s work day starts at 10.  (Call me lucky, but this possessor of a BA degree makes minimum wage).  Why did I write it now instead of going back to sleep? One, I was motivated. Two, I know I’ll fall back asleep eventually (before 8:30) because that’s just how I roll. I’m still coming of college sleep schedules, OK? And three, you, my fair readers, deserved a blog post for your patience with me as I adjust to life as a Big Person (aka an adult with a job) once again (please ignore the fact that I am living with my parents at this point).

But once again I’ll repeat the phrase it seems I should change the title of this post to, I digress.

Good morning.


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