Tales of Cats and Other Thingers

So, when my brother moved back into my parents house (yes, we are all three lame and living at home currently), he brought home a kitten he had acquired while he was living in his apartment. Her name is Wiz. She looks like this:

And yes, in case you were wondering, I already have a cat who looks like this:

So now there are two cats living in my house that look exactly alike, except the little one has a white paw and a white spot on her chest. I have to admit, I have enjoyed having a kitten around who actually enjoys cuddling, because with Smokey the best you can do is him plopling himself next to your leg and leaning against you for a short period of time. Wiz, on the other hand, will climb up on you and sleep in the crook of your neck or behind your knee. Once, my dad was sitting in his favorite chair, and he began to feel his back get warm. He stood up, and there was the baby cat, cuddled into the small of his back! She’s crazy.

The one downfall, which I have dealt with previous cats, is that she enjoys a feather or two. Remember this guy? I posted him a couple of weeks ago on wordless Wednesday:

(If you cant see the image you can click it. It’s being difficult).

Well, he got a haircut.

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