Most Delish Tortilla Taco Thing

I made this yesterday. You should try it. It’s gluten free.



1 corn tortilla
Hummus of your choice
1 small to medium avocado
Chopped tomato (as much as you want)
Chicken (or meat of your choice, optional), cooked to your preference, cut into pieces
Seasoning or cheese of your choice (I used the slightest bit of Parmesan)

Spread the hummus on the tortilla, using as much as you want. I actually used hummus with chunks of peppers in it. Cut avocado into slices and place on top of hummus. I used the whole avocado, but this made it really bulky. You can always use less.

Slice up the tomato, and place the desired amount on top. It might work better if you chop it, but I lack patience. Put the sliced chicken on top (I used it cold, but it would be really tasty just off the grill or broiler).

Sprinkle on the parm or seasonings, and enjoy!

Unfortunately the only picture I got was this really bad blurry cell phone picture. But it still looks yummy!



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