Looking Back

Entering myself in the barrage of new year posts, I have come to realize that blogging about goals and accomplishments each new year has it’s benefits: keeping track of the goals I set to see if I reached them somewhere I can’t lose so long as I have an internet connection.

In 2011, a lot of things didn’t happen that I had planned. I was supposed to be continuing my work for the Park Service. But, when I faced a bout of severe depression, I decided that it was better for me (and what I really wanted) to continue on the track to becoming a Diabetes Educator. And overall, that’s the decision I was most proud of this year. It will take 2.5 more years, but I am very excited what those 2.5 years will hold!

Here’s my list of some of my 2011 goals:

1. Be healthy, look good, feel good.

Well, while I may not completely feel like I have met this goal, I didn’t go without trying. And I have for one felt better this year, with my parade of depression medications – but I’ve also felt some of the worst days. However, I have at least come to terms with how I look, and accepted my recent weight gain. And I didn’t gain any significant weight throughout the year; I weigh about the same as when I got home from UT. So that’s pretty exciting.


2. Read, one book a week is the goal.
This didn’t happen, but I did read more than I usually do.

My local "four states"

3. Live in 4 states
Well, I did have the opportunity to live in four states, but I didn’t take it. I decided to give up jobs in South Carolina and Wyoming in favor of going back to school.  So this year, I have only lived in two states.

4. Run a 5k.

I didn’t even train, uberfail.

5. Ride in the Tour de Cure
GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!  I registered at the last minute, and raised 300 dollars in 10 days so my dad and I could BOTH ride, but it was an amazing (yet difficult without training) experience. 16 miles doesn’t sound like much, but I live in the Ozarks. Talk about some hills. 

Dad and Me

It's pretty.

6. A1C under 7 – and to be quite honest, I have no idea what my A1C is right now, but I am guessing it is well over 7. This one will take lots of work and persistence.
Well, I only had my a1c tested twice this year (don’t judge! I have an appointment in early February). Most recently, it was 8.4. I have been letting diabetes slide to the back burner as I deal with depression. More on this in later posts. (Besides, I’m learning that its just a number).

7. Attend at least 1 Diabetes Conference

George Simmons, Beatrice Dominguez, Me, and Scott Johnson in San Diego, 2011

Technically I went to the Roche conference in San Diego last summer, but I wanted this to be one I funded on my own. I also went to Simonpalooza, a large meet-up in Kansas City in October, which wasn’t a conference but was a lot of fun. I have no regrets on this one but still want to attend a “real” conference.

8. Start paying off student loans.

I made one payment before I went back to school. So yes, I “started!”

9. Forget about the past and live life with no regrets. If you know me personally, you probably understand what I mean here, at least a little. I’m done with school (for now, the dream of CDE still remains in the back of my mind) and ready to get on with my life. Bring it on, 2011!

I don’t know what to say about this goal. Personally, this year was exciting to say the least. I’m not sure how I feel on the regret front, but I definitely feel better about this past year than I did about 2010. And that “dream” that was in the back of my mind is now the first thing on my mind and my sole purpose in life at the moment. Believe me, that is a good thing.

I’m not sure who really enjoys reading about other people’s goals, but since I have kept this blog strictly for me and not for others, I am not going to worry about that part. Tomorrow you can read about my goals for 2012. I did remove a few goals from this list that pertained to work with the parks service, or at least being in an area where I had easy access to things like rock climbing and backcountry camping. This year I plan on doing the same: making goals that will be easily attainable based on my lifestyle, but realize that, like last year, the things I have planned could change, even drastically.

But above all, I resolve these two things:

I can do this

Just keep swimming



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