Updated 3-31-11

Tentative posting schedule for the spring/summer of 2011:

Manic Monday: The woes of living with Diabetes and Depression, horror stories, d’oh moments, and anything else that might be funny and/or cringeworthy that week.

All-Consuming Tuesday: What am I consuming right now? TV shows, DVD, book, and music reviews, youtube videos, bands you should check out, or news articles I’m finding particularly interesting/have something to do with diabetes/have nothing to do with diabetes.

Pounds Down Wednesday: Updates on my journey to lose 25 lbs by August 15th.

Therapy Thursday: writing about empowerment and  self love. It may seem conceited, but each week I’ll encourage my readers to do the same, both those who have chronic illnesses and those who do not.

Fantastic Friday:  Generally the mood on Friday will be happy, with a funny story, a cute diabetes antic, cat pictures, or something uplifting. Basically it’s a catch-all for whatever I feel like posting that day.


As of 3-31-11, I resolve to post five days a week until the fall semester starts, when I will *hopefully* be enrolling in nursing school!

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