Some diabetes social networks I frequent (they are all awesome):

Here is a list of the blogs I read daily, in no particular order. Yes, there are a lot, but if you’re looking for more diabetes blogs like mine (and better), I encourage you to click through them and see what you discover.

Don’t see your blog? Shoot me an email at sajabla at gmail dot com and I’ll add you!

3 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Benjamin Wallace

    How do I look up all your blogs? Can I write in them? Science like ? details..? information that would come forth form the left side of my brain..? By the way I would let you spell check it… I think would be so cool to write down something that has to do with Bio Chemistry…. Its like my brain jumping off the page….. Write down my thoughts on how this diabetes works? I might have a lot of miss conceptions on the matter….
    The Bio chemist have found that its something missing in the body an enzyme. This enzyme is insulin that your pancreas is missing is then put into you body by your pump. Right? Insulin is put into you fat tissues; Insulin is defuse by osmoses in to your body stream, your red blood cells pick up the insulin and caring it around reducing the levels of Glucose in your blood. This Glucose in high amounts or low amount will kill you ether slowly or fast depending on the levels of Glucose in your blood so you test your blood all the time so you know how insulin should be put into your body…. Glucose in high and low amounts effect your moods how upset you get and don’t get how upset you are and why you might explode at me… Also the process of testing your blood every sec of everyday must be upsetting to you… Why did I have to get this Super rear problem with your body. But that’s not the only things that upset you…. God Should I even go there…… NO……… upsets me just thinking about it…….. But you need me to understand this… So you told me that you need me to understand what your going though everyday.

    White blood cells are producing “Key tones” this key tones are free radicals are slowly killing your body your liver, eyes feet, Kidneys eating your body… God Why……………. Why give me the gift to see the problem but I can not do anything about it……………………..Baby no wonder you have some problems with him You see the problem as well and you just as helpless as myself…. Is this right? Is this how you feel? You where like I need you to understand what’s going on, and the fact that you have to deal with this everyday for the rest of your life…Your right, you have every right to be upset at him(God).I would be as well. And its my job to say God loves you. And he has great plans for your life.. That he will provide for you even in the darks times of your life. Thank you God for helping me understand this giving me the knowledge to see it.

  2. Monique-Mistress Binky

    I’ve had diabetes for thirty-eight years, five months, twenty-seven days, twenty-one hours, and 2 minutes. Having diabetes means calculating food to match insulin delivering via insulin pump; calculating basal rate when exercising or having surgery; making sure I don’t over or under eat; carrying blood testing and pump supplies, insulin, and glucose tablet when traveling, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Ask one can see, there’s more to diabetes to just eating a balance meal. Caring for diabetes takes skills: math, science motivation, and tolerance.

    You especially need tolerance when people approach you with asinine questions or comments. Ignore or not to ignore? Or maybe I should use my wit, and respond with sarcasm, then blame rudeness on hypoglycemia. Once in a while I just take a vacation from diabetes world (without neglecting health) and focus on other things. That’s how I remain sane.


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