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“New Year” And Project Birthday

I like starting my “year” on February 1. I was born in February 7th, and February seems like a better month for me to start things. Last year, I started my failed D365 project on February 1 and I’m doing the same this year. I’m also starting to used a pedometer on February 1.

I’m also starting a year of what I’m calling “Project Birthday.” It was inspired by my own birthday and my observation of the February “Birthday Blitz” (Springtime is for lovers?) (Inappropriate, sorry). A lot of people I know, including many in the DOC, have birthdays in February. I’m turning 24 this year (more on that in about a week), and I realize that once you hit a certain age, birthdays lose their meaning.

But for me, and for PWDs in general, I think that birthdays should be a BIG deal, as big of a deal as diaversaries. We have this disease that, less than 100 years ago, would have taken our lives almost immediately. But now we have insulin, and pumps, and cgms, and so much to keep us alive. But people are still lost. And a birthday, to me, means another year to live, another age to see.

Project Birthday will celebrate that. And I’m asking for help from PWDs and D-parents. You can participate in two ways.

The first way is not really your choice, as a PWD. If you tweet your birthday or if you have it posted on your facebook, and we’re friends, you’ll get at least one video. From me.

The other way I’m asking for your help is that I’m asking you to do the same. If you see that it’s a PWDs birthday, send them a vlog! Record it on your webcam, camera, or phone, and upload it to facebook, twit vid, or leave it as a comment on their blog.

I’m posting this very late on Monday. Tomorrow, I hope to have a really awesome kickoff of this project for you, although it will probably be late afternoon/evening before I get it up.


I hope you enjoy this project, even if I wind up being the only one doing it. We’re all in this together, and we should celebrate one another’s achievements, even if it just means celebrating making it to another year of life.


quickly thrown together late at night. Will add links and photos tomorrow.