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Goals for next week

So folks, this is the end of the week featuring weight loss, but it is not the end of my journey or my talk of weight loss here on Sarahndipity. See, often times, I feel as though my life is controlled by food. Diabetes doesn’t do much to help this feeling go away. It’s always about eating or not eating, what I’m eating, what I’m not supposed to be eating, how much I can have and how much I want. You can see how maybe having type 1 diabetes could set someone up to struggle with weight issues. But, I am ready to take control back from food. I have been taking control of my diabetes and now it is time to take control of my total health.

That being said, here are some of my goals for this week. Please share your own goals with me in the comments section. Together, we can strive for healthier lives.

Indulge more intentionally and less often.

For example, this evening, instead of mindlessly munching on animal crackers, I counted out a serving and made sure to chew every cracker before swallowing it, and really enjoy each one. I was sad when they were gone, but I waited 20 minutes (even though I so wanted more) and both the craving and the hunger went away.

Make a distraction box

I got this idea from that Diabetic Living article I mentioned yesterday. You basically write down activities (go on a walk, knit, bike ride, scrapbook, clean) that might distract you from your craving or hunger and when you want to eat for emotional reasons, you draw an activity and do it. Seems like fun to me. And I love making things – so this project seems perfect.

Make a playlist

This idea comes from that same slide show linked above. The basic theory is that music triggers emotional receptors just like food does. So I want to create a play list on my trusty Ipod, Kirk, and try tapping into my emotions that way rather than with food, as the article suggests.

Drink more water

Seems like a given, but the past week or so since I gave up the lovely Diet Coke, I have not been drinking more water. I have been drinking a whole lot of nothing. And I think the massive headache I suffered yesterday may have been the result of dehydration. Water can fill you up. I need to make this a goal.

Sleep more

I’m pretty much set at a 2am bedtime. Next week my goal is to push it back to 1. Nothing too challenging, and not cutting out too much of my late night study time as I approach finals week (eek!). The challenging part will be keeping my bedtime “early” once summer break hits two weeks from now. (Note to self: get a life.)

I hope that you all have enjoyed weight loss week. Doing all the research I did for it sure did help me out. I look forward to keeping you posted with my weight loss journey. I am not setting specific weight loss or exercise goals because I find that they just set me up for failure and guilt. By changing my lifestyle in small ways, I hope that my goal of reaching a healthier and more comfortable weight can be reached.

On Monday, I’ll let you all know how my food journal panned out. Don’t forget to email your pictures of your filled journal if you took my challenge to sajabla@yahoo.com. I can’t wait to post our collection!


Diet Coke and I need to break up.

I know. It’s a sad story. My long time lover and I need to call it quits.

Diet Coke, you have comforted me many times with your crisp fresh taste and bubbly carbonated goodness. You have saved me from many headaches and sleepy mornings. You have rescued me from afternoon sluggishness. You have helped me pay attention in numerous classes. You have made pizza, burgers, and countless other meals tastier.

But we need to break up. I’m sorry, but what you do to me isn’t healthy nor is it helping me reach my goals.

For the past few weeks, you and I have had infrequent meetings. Without my own cash flow to purchase you, I somehow made it days without your comfort. But this weekend, my mom, bless her heart, bought me a 24 pack. And I noticed something.

Those days when I was motivated enough to go on long bike rides and complete homework assignments before they were due? You weren’t a part of those.

Those days when I didn’t snack in between meals and didn’t feel starving? You weren’t a part of those.

But since you’ve been back in my life, I have felt weak, lacked energy, and been constantly hungry.

For this reason, we need to break up.

Yesterday, I had excellent blood sugar readings but couldn’t get off my butt and get stuff done. I somehow managed to drink three 12 ounce cans of you and I felt horrible all day.

As much as you mean to me, we have to be done. I may drink one in the afternoon until my supply runs out, but after that, we are splitsville on a day to day basis. If you want to call me say, once a week, that might be okay, but don’t assume it’s going to be an everyday occurrence. I mean, this is my health and my life I’m trying to take care of and your refusal to help means we can no longer be best friends.

I’m sorry, diet coke. I must say goodbye.

Gooood byeeee….