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I’m a convert.

I’ve always been a picky eater.

Growing up, my parents learned creative ways to deal with my pickiness. They didn’t implement the “eat what we put in front of you or don’t eat anything at all” rule, but rather the “eat what we put in front of you or eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” rule. And of course, I loved (and love) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Today I tend to chose cold meat and cheese over pb and j, but then I could eat a pb and j every night of the week if that was what it came to.

My pickiness has usually been a matter of texture, like when I threw up mashed potatoes all over my mother when I was a toddler. But one thing that is definitely a taste issue is my loathing of yogurt. The yogurt “kick” that most people love has seriously turned me off from the healthy stuff, and I have only recently attempted to force myself to eat it. Last fall, when I was commuting 70 miles to go to school and packing my lunch most every day, I would put plain yogurt, splenda, and frozen fruit in a plastic container and eat it for lunch. Somehow the frozen fruit managed to cover up the yogurt taste I loathed. But when my boyfriend tried to introduce me to Greek yogurt, even though I knew the health benefits I couldn’t get over how disgusting it looked.

This week, I discovered that Greek yogurt is just regular yogurt in a more concentrated form. And I somehow decided to taste honey and vanilla yogurt that David was eating one day. And I actually kind of liked it. But still scared, I didn’t break open a cup of my own until this afternoon. I opened that cup and I tossed in some of my favorite granola (gluten free vanilla flavor by Udi’s) and I ate that sucker.

And it was good. I couldn’t even taste the yogurt kick I hate so much.


I hear your taste buds change every seven years. Maybe I’ve liked yogurt since I was 21, and I just didn’t know it yet.

This post was brought to you by D-Feast Friday.


Goals for next week

So folks, this is the end of the week featuring weight loss, but it is not the end of my journey or my talk of weight loss here on Sarahndipity. See, often times, I feel as though my life is controlled by food. Diabetes doesn’t do much to help this feeling go away. It’s always about eating or not eating, what I’m eating, what I’m not supposed to be eating, how much I can have and how much I want. You can see how maybe having type 1 diabetes could set someone up to struggle with weight issues. But, I am ready to take control back from food. I have been taking control of my diabetes and now it is time to take control of my total health.

That being said, here are some of my goals for this week. Please share your own goals with me in the comments section. Together, we can strive for healthier lives.

Indulge more intentionally and less often.

For example, this evening, instead of mindlessly munching on animal crackers, I counted out a serving and made sure to chew every cracker before swallowing it, and really enjoy each one. I was sad when they were gone, but I waited 20 minutes (even though I so wanted more) and both the craving and the hunger went away.

Make a distraction box

I got this idea from that Diabetic Living article I mentioned yesterday. You basically write down activities (go on a walk, knit, bike ride, scrapbook, clean) that might distract you from your craving or hunger and when you want to eat for emotional reasons, you draw an activity and do it. Seems like fun to me. And I love making things – so this project seems perfect.

Make a playlist

This idea comes from that same slide show linked above. The basic theory is that music triggers emotional receptors just like food does. So I want to create a play list on my trusty Ipod, Kirk, and try tapping into my emotions that way rather than with food, as the article suggests.

Drink more water

Seems like a given, but the past week or so since I gave up the lovely Diet Coke, I have not been drinking more water. I have been drinking a whole lot of nothing. And I think the massive headache I suffered yesterday may have been the result of dehydration. Water can fill you up. I need to make this a goal.

Sleep more

I’m pretty much set at a 2am bedtime. Next week my goal is to push it back to 1. Nothing too challenging, and not cutting out too much of my late night study time as I approach finals week (eek!). The challenging part will be keeping my bedtime “early” once summer break hits two weeks from now. (Note to self: get a life.)

I hope that you all have enjoyed weight loss week. Doing all the research I did for it sure did help me out. I look forward to keeping you posted with my weight loss journey. I am not setting specific weight loss or exercise goals because I find that they just set me up for failure and guilt. By changing my lifestyle in small ways, I hope that my goal of reaching a healthier and more comfortable weight can be reached.

On Monday, I’ll let you all know how my food journal panned out. Don’t forget to email your pictures of your filled journal if you took my challenge to sajabla@yahoo.com. I can’t wait to post our collection!

Kicking off Weight Loss Week and Marvelous Monday

Hey Guys – my poor, poor lappy (laptop PC) is sick right now – he experienced some major symptoms last night while I was studying. I don’t have my media files to put a stamp on my photos right now and probably won’t for the week – so please – don’t steal them! They are copyright to me! THANKS!

Today’s marvelous thing falls along the theme for the week.

Marvelous Monday #2:

Taking care of yourself and it’s positive effects – looking and feeling your best.

The best part about working towards overall health is that it helps you feel your best – and with that boost of self-confidence, look your best as well. I am 100 percent for this idea that we are beautiful at any weight, but the outbreak of the type -2 diabetes “epidemic” and the dangers that being overweight can pose to type 1 diabetics, among the other health effects that obesity has have lead me to cheer on overall health that includes a healthy diet and exercise plan.

This week in my human biology class, we are studying the digestive system and nutrition. I found it ironic as I worked on my homework tonight that it fell the same week as I was writing about weight loss! We were asked to keep a food journal for a day, complete with calorie counts, and to figure out how many calories our body uses. Mine matched up within 4 calories – wowozo – no wonder I am not losing weight!

I have often set out to keep a food journal and wound up failing miserably – so my first goal for this week and my first challenge to you is to make it a small goal to write down your food intake for just one week. It doesn’t have to be perfect – and it doesn’t have to last forever. That’s what I’m trying to realize as I set out on this journey.

The journal I bought at the beginning of this year to keep track of food, blood glucose levels, mood, and exercise. I have re-started several times in 4 months!

Another thing to think about is why you are eating each bite of food. You can also keep track of this in your journal – how you felt when you ate. Later I will be writing more about emotional eating. But for this week, I am also going to challenge myself to figure out why I am eating what I am eating – am I hungry? Bored? Is it meal time or snack time? Am I angry? Am I experiencing a craving?

Healthy eating and weight loss don’t have to start with huge changes. Simply evaluating your overall eating habits can make a huge difference.

Let me know if you’re joining me in the food journal challenge! Take a picture of your journal today and on Monday, and email them to me at sajabla@yahoo.com. I will post all the pictures next week!


I stopped eating meat.

This is so weird for me. I am a beef and pork girl. I would take a steak over a cupcake. But for the past three weeks, I’ve been eating vegetarian, more or less.

It boggles my mind to think how many calories I am saving. I am pretty proud of myself. I find myself craving not only meat less but sweets less as well. I feel a lot better and am actually enjoying eating vegetables. The plan is to gradually replace meat and carbs with vegetables. Some veges eat like meat, such as beans. Some veges can replace complex carbs. For example, smashing up cauliflower instead of eating potatoes. Still delicious! If you’re not wanting to skimp calories, you can even throw in butter, sour cream, and chives. Scrumptious.

Soon I’m going to try to make vege pasta. Replacing pasta with veges and adding pasta sauce. It sounds amazing to me.

I’m still eating cheese (although I’m trying to wean myself off of it), milk, and eggs. I am still learning how to get protein without meat. I hope to cut back on cheese and eggs, considering the fat and cholesterol content, but it’s hard because they are such tasty low carb treats.

Pretty crazy, huh?

I don’t need no stinking meat.
(Red Robin Whisky River salad sans chicken).

Did I mention it’s cheaper too? I got a thickburger minus the thickburger at Hardees (aka Carl’s Jr) for 47 cents last Thursday.

47 cents!! No kidding.