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JDRF Research and Walk

OK guys. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’m not only captaining a team for the JDRF walk in my city this spring, but I’m also on the planning committee for the walk. Today I want to talk about some of the things JDRF is doing, as well as propose a challenge to you, my faithful readers.

First of all, what is JDRF doing? Well, when I was at the St. Louis/Greater MO chapter family retreat this past weekend, our director mentioned that in the 199os, when she started working with JDRF, there wasn’t much talk about what research was being done because the research was kind of stuck. But, now, there have been advances in the research. It’s like we’re catching up for all that “stuck” time.

First of all, something that has created a buzz has been the artificial pancreas studies that have came out in the last few months. At the retreat, the first guest speaker had actually worn and AP and was getting ready to participate in a study on exercise with AP in the next couple weeks. You can read all about Artificial Pancreas technology here: JDRF.org

What was cool was he showed us a graph that showed him at two overnights in the hospital. The first, he dosed and treated as he saw fit. The second time, he let the AP handle these decisions. His blood sugar was almost a flat line at this point! It was incredible, I wish I had the graphs to show you.

Of course, as we have all heard about, there are islet cell transplants and gene therapy and all kinds of micro-testing on tiny little parts of cells like protein receptors and that sort of thing. Ever working toward discovering the “cause” of type 1 diabetes. I heard two doctor-researchers from Washington University in St. Louis discuss the projects they are working on: vitamin D deficiency in type 1 diabetics and low blood sugar receptors: if we still have glucagon in our liver while we have type 1 diabetes, why doesn’t it release when we are low?

Anyway, exciting things going on with JDRF. Animas and Dexcom have formed a partnership with JDRF for work on a marketable AP. BD is working on a micro needle that will fit directly under the skin and be not only less painful, but last longer than the current cannulas AND insulin will absorb better. I’m not sure how this works exactly, but it sounds awesome and cool.

SO! In order to keep this research up, JDRF needs MONIES. Maybe you’re saying, Sarah, I DON’T HAVE DIABETES! I’m saying, this is still important to you! Curing diabetes means potentially curing a whole host of other autoimmune diseases – discovering WHY the body attacks itself could cure tons of stuff, something YOU or your husband or wife probably carry and could pass on to your kids, grandkids, etc. I’m serious guys! Type 1 diabetes research is important to EVERYONE!

So. Here is my challenge to you. I probably get about 40 readers a day who actually click my links, and i know I have several who read me on RSS feeds. Guys, if half of you donate 5 dollars, we will easily donate 100 dollars to JDRF!

I want to raise the first 100 dollars in online donations by March 1. Today is February 25. That gives us Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I know we can do this this weekend, guys! Just donate 5 dollars online. It’s safe and secure through the JDRF website. Go to this link: http://walk.jdrf.org/walker.cfm?id=87627535 and donate your 5 dollars today!*

*If you want to donate, but you are unable to at this moment due to financial hardship, remember the Springfield walk isn’t until May 22. Also, your town may have a walk where you may want to support someone you know and love! Check out http://walk.jdrf.org to find out about walks in your area.

**If you are local, you can sign up to be on my walk team at http://walk.jdrf.org. Just remember – Missouri-Springfield-Sarah’s SuperStars!