About Sarah Jane

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Nothing on this blog is medical advice. Consult your physician before changing your health care plan.

Sarah Jane grew up in western Missouri with her parents and two younger brothers. Sales agent by day and pinterest addict by night, she lives in Springfield, Missouri with her two cats and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend if and when they ever have days off together.

She decided to start a blog about diabetes one day in the summer of 2009 while she was bored on a rainy day while working at a national park. The journey started as an outreach and has become an introspective way to self development. 26 years old and still doesn’t have her life figured out – the only thing she’s learned is that this seems to be quite normal. Rolling with the punches is her new motto.


She was diagnosed at age 11.


As of Fall 2012 she is taking multiple daily injections of humalog and using long-acting Lantus to manage her blood glucose levels. Plans are in the work for both new pump and CGMS soon. 


Blood Glucose Meters:

She owns two One Touch Minis (Pink and purple, of course) and one Freestyle Lite (with a pink skin), but the meter she uses the most is the Ping Remote, which is also a OneTouch, which she named Silverton.

Sarah Jane does not represent any of the companies listed or linked to above. The links are provided for the reader’s information only.
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