I am eternally thankful for:

  • My family and friends who make up my amazing support system
  • The Diabetes Online Community for diabetes support when no one else understands
  • Fredrick Banting and Charles Best, and their work that resulted in my life today.
  • Advanced technology – making better diabetes care possible, and making it possible to communicate with people with diabetes all over the world
  • Being blessed enough to be able to eat until I can’t move on thanksgiving
  • My amazing parents for allowing me to live under their roof and eat their food and their help with my diabetes costs
  • Living in a country where I enjoy numerous freedoms that I might not have elsewhere in the world
  • All of the men and women who keep this country safe and fight for me to keep those freedoms
  • That despite my chronic illness, I am healthy and happy

Happy Thanksgiving, bloggies. I am thankful for you, my readers, too!

(Sorry I’ve been absent this month. Normal stuff happens).


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