Sunday Update Number 3

As you can imagine, since I haven’t been updating Sarah Loses It this week, I haven’t been fully focused on my weight loss program. I did OK on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but on Thursday I went to camp with my boyfriend (more in tomorrow’s post) and was eating delicious, high calorie camp food for the rest of the week. Yum! I didn’t weigh myself yesterday because I had no access to a Wii fit or any other type of scale-thing since I was at camp. So I am just going to work my butt off (literally) this week and hope for a significant drop this Saturday.

That’s pretty much it for this Sunday Update. Keep living healthy!

Current Weight: Unknown

Goal Weight: 231 lbs

Goal Date: August 15

Weekly Goals:

-4 small meals a day

-Eat Breakfast!

-30 minutes of exercise/day

-Mix it up a bit: walk, bike, run!

-Sleep 8 hours/night

-Drink at least 32 oz of water/day

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