One of those Sense(or)less days…

It happened again.

My sensor made it almost the full week, and it peeled off without warning.

It was set to expire tonight. If it wasn’t so pealed off, I may have tried to get ten days out of it. But they always peal off. It has something to do with my skin being too sensitive and it always itching and me slowly pealing off the edges to scratch it. Or me sweating more than normal. I’ve only had one really bad reaction to the dexcom sensors, and it happened while I was in Florida and sweating more than normal.

Usually, when you use continuous glucose monitoring, you only have to go about 2 hours without a sensor. But because I was having problems the first 24 hours of my sensor’s lives, I’ve begun letting sensors “wet” overnight after inserting them. So when the sensor ripped off while I was getting dressed this morning, I decided to wait til I was getting ready for bed to insert a new one.

Now, before I started using Dexcom, I tested my blood sugar about 10 times a day for a good four months. Sometimes 15, sometimes even 20. I wanted to know as best as I could without a CGMS what my body was doing at all times. Even my doctor said it may be overkill, but I didn’t care. I found out how bad my dawn phenomenon was this way and was able to fix it as soon as I got on my pump. It became even more important to test frequently once I started using my pump. But it was soon after that that I started using the CGMS.

For a while, on sensorless days, I would still test every two hours or so, just to make sure everything was kosher. But slowly, between insertion mishaps and failed sensors that left me weeks without them, I began to get more lax with my testing. I realized that I’m depending too much on my Dexcom. Not only that, but I’m nowhere near aggressive enough when it comes to keeping the highs down. Since I gave up on the whole weight loss thing until I find out if there’s something clinical causing my hunger or if its all in my head and treat whatever it is, mental or not, it’s been hard to quit eating. And since I have no job, it’s hard to snack on healthy, low carb foods like vegetables and fruits because they’re not in the house or when they are, they aren’t where I can get to them easily. But maybe I’m just making excuses. The fact is, I was sensorless today and I only tested my blood sugar three times. Three. That’s not even the standard five.

I’m getting burnt out, and I’m not looking forward to my endo appointment next month. I have a feeling the elusive “under 7” I was so. very. close. to. will not be showing up this time.

I no longer see endo appointments as something to ‘be good’ just before. Yeah, sure, I can get my numbers down the next four weeks and have a better A1c than if I just took it now. But does that change the fact that my averages suggest a number closer to 8 or that I am still getting tingling sensations in my arms and feet? No, it does not. It just means that my next four weeks will, yes, have to be good. But so will the weeks after that. And after that. And after that.

Because I will not let this disease beat me.

2 thoughts on “One of those Sense(or)less days…

  1. Lorraine

    You’ve probably mentioned this somewhere and I missed it – have you tried Skin Tac? I’ve heard it makes it stick like glue. I’ve been dealing with just trying to protect Caleb’s skin from whatever acid they put in the adhesive. Okay, they don’t add acid, but that’s what his skin looks like. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    We also wait to start which makes the unexpected loss of a sensor quite a bummer. I think about what we are doing over the next day and how this changes our entire approach.

    I know you will win. It can be intense. I find not only am I constantly monitoring D, but also evaluating my ability to balance it with life. It’s never ending, isn’t it? But we shall prevail!

  2. Sarah

    SJ, (May I abbreviate?)
    I know how you feel about the endo appts and getting burnt out. I used to get this way all the time. It’s very hard getting into a routine that “sticks” and lasts thru the time between endo appointments. The only thing I can suggest is to start slow. Gradually work your way into a routine with it and maybe it won’t seem overwhelming. Also, try not to be Super-D Woman from the get go. Take it slow and learn how YOUR diabetes affects YOU. That’s the only way I gained any resemblance of control.
    Also, with the Dex sensors, like Lo suggested, try to find some Skin-Tac. That stuff is some amazing skin glue! But if you are having a reaction to the glue from the sensor itself, maybe get some Tegaderm to place on the skin first? Cut a dime-sized hole in the tegaderm, wipe the outside areas of the tegaderm with SkinTac, place it on the area you are going to put the sensor, then just place the sensor on top of it with the sensor probe going thru the hole you cut out? (That way, the sensor is going in through fresh, clean flesh, not the glue and barrier tape) I’ve done this before for my sweaty gym adventures and it seems to work quite well.
    Keep your head up, chicka! You know you can do it, and we’re here to help ya! ๐Ÿ™‚


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