I’m a Walking Biohazard.

Organization has never been one of my strong points. I’m, quite frankly, a mess when it comes to my stuff. This goes for diabetes supplies too. I am not well known for immediately properly disposing of sharps. I carried around gobs of syringes in high school before I switched to insulin pens just before college. I’ve gotten a lot better about not carrying around massive amounts of sharp things and disposing of my medical waste both promptly and properly, but sometimes my medical supplies just get the best of me.

The other day, I casually set my purse down on the ground outside my car in order to pick something else up. And I felt something very sharp jab into my foot. I almost screamed. Of course as a PWD, I know that this could have been one of many sharp things in my purse. I picked up the purse and noticed the drop of blood now coming out of my foot.


I went inside and started taking things out of my purse to figure out what had jabbed me. I thought it was a used symlin pen needle that I had just put into my purse, but I fished out that needle and found that it was still in tact in the case of the new needle I’d put on. I dug around some more trying to figure out the culpret. I pulled out my wallet, my camera, my bag o’ low blood sugar goodies, and my mete…oh my meter. It was unzipped.

And sure enough, inside of it was a lancing device cap with no lancing device. Or lancet. Because the lancing device was at the bottom of my purse with the lancing device sticking out. And poking me in the foot.

Check out all these fantastic biohazard needles I had in my purse.

At least I know it’s my medical waste, I guess. But, OW.


5 thoughts on “I’m a Walking Biohazard.

  1. Michael Hoskins

    This is one time I’m glad to be a guy and not be carrying a biohazard-like purse… Yet, I’m still totally accident-prone and likely to stab myself in an unwanted spot with a needle or lancet even when sitting still. But as you say, at least I know it’s mine… Yea. So, there’s that.

  2. Olivejooice

    Did you check your blood sugar with the blood? hehe.

    I’ve dug around my purse before and had used lancets jab me (once in between my fingernail and the nail bed…OW!) I”m really bad at disposing things properly. I better get that in check before school starts or no one will want to be my friend!!


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