Diabetes Art Day

Today has been declared Diabetes Art Day by my good friend and art therapist Lee Ann Thill. Basically the DOC is supposed to create works of art representing diabetes and are encouraged to use diabetes supplies (trash or otherwise) to create this art.

Honestly, I had no intention of participating. Nothing against diabetes art, Lee Ann, the Diabetes Hands Foundation backing the project, or anyone else, but I just have been a little preoccupied with this move and the new job and all. But tonight, after reading about it some more, I decided to putter around my apartment and see what I had available.

I didn’t come up with much. Art supplies weren’t exactly on my “much needed” list of things to bring to Utah, especially since I was only allowed what I could fit in my tiny little Chevy Caviler coup. Using the bottom of a cardboard box as a canvas, I gingerly arranged a bunch of diabetes supplies in collage-fashion:

I then decided to trace around each of the objects with a green pen and color in the white spaces left with marker. How very 7th grade art class. Channeling my inner 12-year-old, I began filling in the lines. But I didn’t bring many markers with me, so I ran out of colors at about three. I added ball point pen, which didn’t really work very well. So I began to look for other things, such as finger nail polish and eye liner pencils and lipstick. My artwork then looked like the 90’s threw up on a 2 year old’s drawing:

So, I did what any logical 12 year old would do. I covered in in GLITTER. (In the form of lip gloss):

Actually, looking at it now, I don’t really mind the project soΒ  much, although the lip gloss sinking into the cardboard is kind of turning the day-glo hiliter portions of the picture into brown muck. But that’s OK because I took pictures before.

My point is, even though I am not the most artistic person (unless you count scrapbooking and knitting), I had a lot of fun and was able to clear my head while I was working on this project. It was stress-relieving. And it came after a stress-relieving hike that actually somehow made me happy last evening.

I’m thinking it may be time after my first paycheck to make my way into town and purchase a few art supplies, hmm?

You can see more Diabetes Art Day projects or submit your own here: Express Your Diabetes

8 thoughts on “Diabetes Art Day

  1. Michael Hoskins

    Outstanding! Isn’t it amazing, at how we tell ourselves we won’t participate or have anything worthwhile and then we have SO MUCH FUN doing it! Love it, even the lip gloss. You are an artist, I’d say! Thanks for sharing, Sarah Jane! Great stuff.

  2. Lee Ann Thill

    I totally understand why you didn’t think you’d have time or resources to do it – moves like that are taxing! However, for someone without the intent to make something, you sure came through big time! If you hadn’t explained how you didn’t even have “real” art supplies, I never would have known it was such an eclectic collection of pigmented instruments, LOL! You certainly deserve recognition for resourcefulness and ingenuity, Sarah!

    And on top of your obstacles to create it, I think it’s really beautiful. Seriously, I do. It says so much about diabetes, and I think it reflects the need to be resourceful and work within constraints that aren’t ideal. You deserve a hug for coming through with flying colors, cosmetic or otherwise πŸ˜›

    Thanks for participating and adding your truly unique (in a good way!) drawing to Diabetes Art Day πŸ™‚

  3. Crystal

    What she said. ^

    I love it Sarah, Love it! I love that you see shapes, not their original object in the drawing. You need to know what it is, how to make sense of it. Sounds like D, huh?

    Hope Utah is treating you well!! xoxoxoxo


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