Then and Now

This is Amy. Amy was one of my best friends beginning about my Junior year of High School and extending until I was a part of her wedding in April of 2008. She now lives with her new best friend: her hubby, and her new baby, Caleb, now 8 months old. She blogs about life as a Christian stay-at-home mom and pastor’s wife. She is one of my favorite people.

Anyway, Amy and I have always both loved writing. She actually majored in English (or something more specific, correct me, Amy) and was considering going into editing as a career before she settled down with her family. We have both been writing since we were little, and began our blogging careers in high school. This meme she posted a few days ago was something we did back in high school. I had to do it too.

Title: Then and Now

10 Years ago I was:

  • Daincing on the Drexel Dance Team
  • Playing basketball, softball, soccor, and volleyball in my spare time
  • Developing a traveling puppet show for church youth group
  • Best Friends with the Dean twins
  • Finally feeling like I fit in

5 Years ago I was

  • In the middle of my freshman year of college
  • Picking up Chemistry in a faulty attempt to major in science
  • Living next door to two of my best friends from high school
  • Being rushed for ADPi (and eventually, I joined)
  • Making really good friends (who I wish I still had)

1 Year ago I was

  • Starting science classes at Missouri State
  • Working a job I’d soon be laid off from
  • Trying to peice my life together
  • Living at my parent’s house
  • Feeling depressed

Yesterday I

  • woke up in a National Park to a mountain sunrise
  • Started packing to end my Utah Adventure
  • Visited my neighbors and played with their three kids
  • Realized I don’t want kids anytime soon
  • Was happy it was warm enough to talk to one of those good college friends outside for an hour

Today I

  • went to work
  • drew some maps
  • felt bittersweet about leaving Utah
  • drank some diet coke
  • watched the sunrise over the mountains again.

5 Songs I know all of the words to

  • Fade to Gray –Jars of Clay
  • Get Ready (Hot Machete) – Jonezetta
  • Float On – Modest Mouse
  • Break Even – The Script
  • Wonderwall – Oaisis

5 Things I would do with 100 million dollars

  • Pay off my student loans
  • Pay off my mom’s student loans
  • By myself and my parents homes in the mountains
  • Donate a bunch of it to JDRF, ADA, DRI, and DHF
  • Go back to school

5 Favorite TV shows

  • Glee
  • Big Bang Theory
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Community
  • Modern Family

5 Biggest Joys

  • Plans for a valentine’s day trip to North Carolina
  • My family
  • My last days in the Mountains
  • Having jobs lined up for the next 8 months
  • Getting to spend time with my best friend soon.

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