The Heartbreak Project

I am going to be publishing a lot of stories on here. Many of them will be based in true events, but they will be mostly fiction. Some of them will come from my personal experience, but many of them will be stories that people have shared with me.

Heartbreak is an emotion we have all dealt with. Whether romantically or some other relationship, losing someone you love, either through death or other means, is one of the most difficult things we face as humans. We are made to love, to share, to care for one another. We are not made to be solitary creatures. Humans have always lived in colonies, packs, communities. We are a species that is nurtured by our parents for 18 years. That’s a crazy long time, when you think about the animal world. We are born into community. We long for it, we search for it. The relief we feel when we find where we belong is indescribable, the hurt we feel when we lose where we belong is unbearable.

I’ve experienced a lot of heartbreak. My personality lends itself to becoming attached to people, quickly, easily, and deeply. I care hard, and I expect it back. It’s taken a long time to accept that not everyone functions the way I do and not everyone values relationships the way I do.

Heartbreak hurts me deeply. It hurts everyone deeply, sure. But even listening to other’s stories hurts me more than I can possibly bear sometimes. Recently a friend shared with me a deeply piercing story of heartbreak. Her own story, which had every piece of a fairy tale puzzle. Except it was like one of those modern movies where the ending isn’t happily ever after. The ending sucks.

In life, the ending often sucks.

K is not the only person who has shared this kind of story with me. I would also love to hear your story, in the comments, in an email, or on facebook.

More to come….


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