Back To The Grind

Please forgive my absence this past week, I was on Spring Break and was taking it easy.

Yesterday, I had a small diabetes crisis of the mind. I am not sure what caused it. I was just walking through the student union at my university and thought, “God, it sucks I have to wear this thing attached to me in order to stay alive.”

Yeah, I know, I could take shots. But like that is so much better. It just sucks. And we have to live with it or di with it.

On Wednesday, I have to give a presentation to my biology class about donating to JDRF. I want to say something inspiring. I’m still not sure what to say yet. I want them to be inspired to donate to a good cause instead of using their change for a soda that day. What the heck do I say? Do you have any suggustions? I have 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the class.

*Sigh* I have some things to blog about. I saw Kelly Rawlings, the editor of Diabetic Living and avid tweeter (@KellyRawlings) speak about ways to control your diabetes, and I’m still anxious to blog about it. Sunday I met up with Scott and Babs and we had some good conversaiton I’m excited to blog about. And I have one more idea floating about my head. I’m hopeful the rest of this week will be packed with blog goodies!

Happy Spring! Have a great week,

Sarah Jane


1 thought on “Back To The Grind

  1. casey

    Sarah, In your presentation… be honest!
    If it were me. I would first take a step back. Why do we need a cure? How will contributing their money help?

    5-10 mins isn’t long enough to do an all informative presentation. But direct them to where they can get it.

    I would do basic
    1)what is D (explain how it affects your life)
    2)what causes D (although essentially the same, this is where most people need information because of the misinformation in the media)
    3)why we need a cure (more than they need a soda?)
    4)how they can help
    5)where to get more info


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